Gatekeeper Micro
Item ID: GKM
List Price: $174.95


Eliminating unwanted noise from your rig is easy with the Gatekeeper Micro. A wide-range Threshold control interacts with the pedal's ample headroom, exhibiting smooth transient response and fast-paced time constants. The Release knob controls how quickly the gate slams closed, cutting out any undesirable sounds the second you stop playing. And with 100% attenuation, nothing gets through.
  • JFET circuitry delivers headroom and performance akin to rackmount noise gates
  • Lightning-fast response time eliminates hum, hiss, and buzz, while preserving the authority of your attack
  • Variable release time lets you dial out undesirable sounds the second you stop playing
  • Works both directly after your guitar or in your amp's effects loop
  • 100% attenuation — when the gate clamps down, nothing gets through
  • True bypass switching preserves your tone