Gretsch Drums
6.5" X 14" USA Brooklyn Metal Chrome Steel Snare Drum
Item ID: GB4164S
List Price: $599.95


Made in Ridgeland, South Carolina, Gretsch USA Brooklyn Metal Chrome Steel Snare Drums feature 302 hoops that are similar in sound to die-cast, but lighter and more flexible for a more resonant shell and a better feel under the hands. This drum will provide you with bright, cutting backbeats and a wide tuning range. The depth on this drum gives it a powerful amount of volume. A knurled, gear-like pattern along the equator of the shell gives this drum a touch of individuality.
  • Bright, Cutting Backbeats
  • 302 Hoops Like Lightweight Die-Cast
  • Wide Tuning Range
  • Knurled Equator
  • Made in Ridgeland, SC