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Alberta is quite unique; she makes your guitar sing. She provides instant access to the kind of warm overdrive and emotive distortion usually reserved for 30 year old tube amps. Alberta delivers a creamy, yet crunchy sound with a smooth mid...
THE WORD “BOOST” IS SUCH AN UNDERSTATEMENT One simple pedal, so many uses. Rely on your T-Rex Karma to make sure your solos cut through - even if your soundman isn’t quite on top of it.
Cable length 50cm (20 in) 2.5, 2.1mm DC Jack. To connect pedals with normal DC plugs to AC output.Some pedals, like the Replica, accepts both AC and DC.
The T-Rex SoulMate multi-effects pedal for electric guitar packs four effects drawn from T-Rex's most popular pedals - Moller, Mudhoney, Replica/Reptile, and Room Mate - plus a precision tuner, and powerful switching capabilities.
The T-Rex Replicator Studio Module uses much of the same technology of the ”stompbox” version, but certain parameters and features are optimized for Eurorack/studio use.
You'll love the plug-and-play gigging you get with the T-Rex ToneTrunk 45 pedalboard. The ToneTrunk's multi-tiered design lets you access pedals in the front or back of the board without straining, with low risk of messing up another pedal's...
The T-Rex Mudhoney II Dual Distortion pedal manages to fit the power and tone of two of T-Rex's most popular distortion pedals into one pedalboard-friendly box.
T-Rex's Reptile 2 analog tape-style delay delivers the warmth and depth of a great vintage tape unit in a compact and road-worthy pedal.
Displaying 1-10 of 46 results
1 .. 2 3 4